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Professional Training 

The entire Pacific West Cleaners staff is professional,
energetic and well-trained


Pacific West Cleaners  provide professional training to our cleaning staff. Pacific West has been providing this service for over 30 years in Vancouver BC.

Our Professional instructors are committed to the enrichment and advancement of the cleaning industry.

We offer educational modules as part of a series of professional training courses designed to empower and improve the quality of workplace efficiency, as well as, the professionalism of our cleaning team in providing a healthier, cleaner and safer environment for all.

Pacific West Cleaners' Technicians Deliver Quality

We use the most advanced products and equipment available, including:
  • hospital grade disinfectants for broad spectrum coverage
  • backpack vacuums with four level fitration and ratings that exceed Hepa standards for cleaning air
  • color-coded microfiber cloths designed to trap dirt and hold it in a positively charged state for more effective cleaning
  • cleaning chemicals that cover a greater area while using less product our "cleaning greener" initiative
  • uniformed crews with ID badge and the right safety equipment at hand
What our cleaning team learns:
  • The essentials of custodial safety, cleaning chemical types and uses
  • Office cleaning techniques to ensure thorough cleaning without distrupting desktops
  • Washroom cleaning, vacuuming, damp mopping and waste removal
  • Thorough carpet cleaning techniques including how to identify different spots and stains, different spotting chemicals and procedures for effective spot and stain removal
  • Cleaning for health: cleaning high touch surfaces, infection control with cleaning techniques to prevent cross contamination
  • Floor care: techniques to prevent dull floors, types of cleaning chemicals, how to apply floor finish, spray buffing and burnishing, how to create "Wet Look" floors, floor scrubbing and floor stripping procedures
Pacific West Tracker Measures Quality

Pacific West Tracker is our quality assurance process. We understand that consistent quality cleaning requires ongoing evaluations, and Pacific West Tracker is one of the reasons we consistently earn high satisfaction rating from our customers.

Here's how it works.

When you sign with Pacific West, our Tracking begins with a first impressions survey. We check every aspect of your cleaning requirements, and determine what and where to focus our attention and expertise.

After an agreed initial period, usually 30 days, a Pacific West Operations Specialist physically inspects your property and measures our lasting impressions. This process uses a 65 point checklist so nothing is left to chance.

Any adjustments to service are made and the inspections continue on a regular schedule.

Choose Pacific West Cleaners for your piece of mind and enjoy the quality that comes with Pacific West Cleaners' 'Full Value Promise!' You'll get ALL the cleaning hours you were promised EACH week -- or, that week is FREE!

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Check out our 'Full Value Promise' which
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 Bonded & Insured

Liability Insurance,
Security Bond and
Background Checks.

At Pacific West we understand that
assess in your facifity is an important decison.
That is why we carry a 5 million dollar
comprehensive general liabiliy insurance
and a $25,000 secuity bond. We've got
you covered!

 Is Your Present Level of Cleaning Disappointing? 

Lack Of  Professional

Management Could
be the Problem
- Infrequent on-site management supervision
- Absence of professional quality control   
   procedures and inspections
- Inconsistent service levels caused by high
   turnover and untrained workers
- Management has not pleded to maintain
   customer satisfactaction
- Breakdown in communication for customer
   service requests



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