Commericl Janitorial Office Cleaning Vancouver

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Commericl Janitorial Office Cleaning Vancouver

Thinking Of Changing Your Cleaning Company?
Are you looking for...

Sparkling bathrooms, Dust free office furniture, Crystal clean sinks,
Elimination of cobwebs, Sanitized kitchen tables, Spotless glass surfaces,
High level of quality control, No excuses why a good job can't be done.

 Let us solve your problem once and for all!

And we will lay your problems
 to rest in one fell swoop. 


We will work hard to make your office as clean as possible

breaking your budget.

Whether you are a large facility or a small one,
you'll get high quality
service, a professional staff and best of
class customer service when
you choose us as your service provider.


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you like your facility to
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Commericl Janitorial Office Cleaning Vancouver  



You'll get ALL the cleaning hours you were promised 
EACH  week -- or, that week is FREE! 

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It is our duty to provide you the highest quality cleaning service possible and to make sure our prices are as low as possible.
We work hard to keep our prices down.



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Commericl Janitorial Office Cleaning Vancouver Packages


Basic Cleaning
 Package Starting from

Weekly Cleaning Service for 1 or 2 times a week
The basic cleaning package is best suited for small facilities and includes cleaning services betwen 1-2 times per week. If you are looking for quality work, no hassles and big office technology for a small office price, then
this is the package for you!

Standard Cleaning
 Package Starting from

Frequent Cleaning Service for 3 or 4 times a week
The standard cleaning package is best suited for medium size offices and includes cleaning services between 3-4 times per week. If you are looking for complaint free, no hassle cleaning, then this is the package for you!


Custom Cleaning
 Package Starting from
Daily Cleaning Service for 5 times or more a week
  The custom cleaning package is best suited for larger offices and includes cleaning services between 5-7 times per week. If you are looking for a fair price, consistent results and professional management that takes pride in
their service and client satisfaction, then we are your on-site
facilities team for your business.


                                 Special Services                                                  Our Signature Guarantee                                            Free Cleaning Building Proposal 

Floor Waxing Tile & Grout Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning Pressure Washing
Window Cleaning

We offer Floor Stripping, Waxing,
and Burnishing, Carpet Cleaning with
Hot Water Extraction - Stain and Spot
Removal, Disinfecting and Deodorizing.
Pressure Washing - exterior of your facility
Window Cleaning - Interior & Exterior and
Tile and Grout Cleaning

Pacific West Cleaners One week
Check out our 'Full Value Promise' which
guarantees you'll get ALL the hours you
were promised EACH week or that week
is FREE! We want you to be 100%
satisfied with each cleaning you
receive from us.

Affordable, Trustworthy

Contact us and we will put together a
custom cleaning proposal for you.
You will receive an incredibly handy
building measurement report absolutley
free.Customers say it's so handy, they
pull it out and use it a lot!


Hi, this is Louie from 
Pacific West Cleaners. Have you ever noticed how so many cleaning companies start off great -- that's right -- promising "perfect cleaning" but end up delivering
a lot less?

I listened to story after story from prospects how they were 'burned' by one janitorial business after another, who simply ended up emptying the trash, running the vacuum around and putting out some toilet paper, because they weren't getting anywhere near the number of  hours of cleaning they were promised!

At Pacific West we are raising the bar on professional Office Cleaning Vancouver and know from years of
experience that consistent high quality cleaning requires more than just hard work.

It takes a systematic approach.

Pacific West Cleaners uses a Tracking System that monitors your cleaning service so that you as a building owner
manager can finally relax knowing your building will always look great because you always get what you pay for!

Your property is assigned a professional manager who works with his cleaning team to consistently bring you the quality cleaning your building and staff deserve. by inspecting the quality of the work each night using a checklist.

We then review with you to ensure your total satisfaction. Our customers are impressed not just by our thorough
cleaning but by our attention to detail.

Choose Pacific West Cleaners for your piece of mind and enjoy the quality that comes with Pacific West Cleaners' 'Full ValuePromise!'

You'll get ALL the cleaning hours you were promised EACH  week -- or, that week is FREE!


This is what Lori had to say:
For years I was getting burned by one janitorial company after another who just ended up emptying the trash, running around with the vacuum and putting out some toilet paper. I never got the hours of cleaning that I was promised.



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