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Bonded & Insured - Signature Guarantee 

Pacific West Cleaners exclusive 'Full Value Promise'
guaranteesyou'll get ALL the hours you were promised

EACH week ... or that week is FREE! 

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Liability Insurance, Security Bond and
Comprehensive  Background Checks


Liability Insurance, Security Bond and

Comprehensive Background Checks

At Pacific West we understand that whom you give
access to in your facifity is an important decison.That is why we carry a 5 million dollar comprehensive general liabiliy insurance and a $25,000 security bond. We've got
 you covered!


We are so confident about our professional cleaning services, we GUARANTEE our work every day! Let us
prove to you we are the best.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with each cleaning
you receive from us. We promise to promptly resolve any cleaning issues within 24 hours or the next days cleaning

At Pacific West Cleaners we use a set of 17 powerful systems to get and
keep your building looking good all the time - not just the first week!

We will clean your building for FREE for one week. Just sign up for one
months janitorial service and after a month, if your building doesn't look
better, feel free to cancel. We will bill you for 3 weeks and give you one
week FREE.

Most cleaning companies wouldn't dare stand behind a GUARANTEE like
this, but we believe you shouldn't have to pay for services you are not
completely happy with, so we stand behind our work.

How can we make such a powerful guarantee?
Here are just a few of our 17 powerful systems:

. Demanding WHMIS custodial Certification Program - requiring each
   cleaner to be certified on all necessary cleaning and safety procedures
   ... before setting one foot in your office!

. Automated Timekeeping Tracking System software tracks every hour
   of time assigned to your building so we can make sure to complete all
   scheduled cleaning - including details!

. 'Like an elephant' .... our Automated Floor Care System never forgets
   scheduled carpet/tile jobs producing work tickets so your floors will
   look great all the time - not once in a while! 

Choose Pacific West Cleaners for your piece of mind and enjoy the quality that comes with Pacific West Cleaners' 'Full Value Promise!' You'll get ALL the
cleaning hours you were promised EACH week -- or, that week is FREE!

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be cleaned?

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square footage of the
area to be cleaned?  

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This is what Lori had to say:
For years I was getting burned by one office cleaning company after another who just ended up emptying the trash, running around with the vacuum and putting out some toilet paper. I never got the hours of cleaning that I was promised.


Marina Harriss

We have been working with Pacific West Cleaners for a few years now and the service is excellent. The team of cleaners does a great job and always goes above and beyond to ensure our office space is kept clean and organized. Would recommend the service to anyone.
Michael Wallen

The team is great, they clean areas that you
never even look in or at, we had a leaky
 faucet and now it is not leaking, they go
 above and beyond. Great work and great
 team.Would highly recommend this team.
Lisa Lofton  

It is simple, our cleaners show up when our
office is closed - keep things clean and tidy,
 and respect private/confidential spaces. They even water our plants and load the dishwasher.Couldn't ask for more.Thank you  Pacific West Cleaners

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