Vital Oxide Uses to Ensure a Germ-Free Work Space

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Vital Oxide Uses to Ensure a Germ-Free Work Space


Vital Oxide

Vital Oxide kills harmful
bacteria on hard

and soft surfaces,

and keeps germs at bay.

Learn how Vital Oxide can make
your commercial space
squeaky clean


Workers come home from work and return, day in and day out, often bringing the germs they accrued 
from the outside. They may not know it, but the high amount of germs ultimately costs them in lost productivity and absent days from getting sick.  

Workspace germs resulting in these sick leaves cost companies around $260 billion each year
Something preventable can turn into an ugly financial stain, hurting employee productivity.

Keeping workspaces clean for your workers can help thwart this problem. Killing harmful bacteria 
that linger on hard and soft surfaces can be removed with Vital Oxide. 

Other cleaning agents don't compare to this disinfecting agent, and you will see why. 

The Rise of Bacteria in the Workspace 

How new viruses and bacteria come to be and their degree of severity to people can be argued. 
However, it can't be denied that the spread of germs that have the potential to be harmful is caused by transmission from the source unto us. 

If companies allow it, their business can be the reason their workers become ill, particularly around flu season. Most workers will then eat or snack on these desks or tables that carry 100 times more germs 
than their kitchen.

On average, desks, PCs, doors, and chairs harbor 20,000 germs. The restrooms are 400 times worse, which may not be surprising. 

Hospitals can only be effective in their treatment by ensuring a clean environment. Patients who are 
injured or sick are already susceptible, so proper sanitization is vital. If this is compromised, hospitals 
can become the center of disease that result in healthcare-associated infections.

An influx in the rate and numbers of infection is something we are witnessing now, thanks to the Coronavirus epidemic. Hospitals have become overwhelmed with patients as they try to treat them while containing the virus from spreading. 

Stopping the Spread of Germs 

Germs spread incredibly quickly at work and in the hospital setting as it jumps from one person to the 
next. Other common types of bacteria that occur to people at work is food poisoning from bacteria like 
Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, and E. coli.

Fortunately, germs cannot reproduce without help. They cannot hop or jump around unless we do. Employers are just as responsible as employees to help stop the spread. 

We can do this by keeping at a distance from each other when we believe or we are, in fact, sick. It is 
most important to regularly wipe down all surfaces to effectively kill off bacteria and viruses. Using disinfectants make an incredible difference in reducing infection at work. 

What Is Vital Oxide?

Vital Oxide can help kill off germs in any setting. It is an EPA-registered odor eliminator, disinfectant cleaner, and mold killer. The formula is comprised of a stabilized form of chlorine dioxide that is 
effective in killing off mold, viruses, and bacteria. 

What makes this cleaning agent stick out is that Vital Oxide is gentle to handle and non-irritating to 
the skin, and the solution is non-corrosive to treated items. This gentleness only applies here; the germs are not spared. 

The formula is quick and easy to use, as it doesn't require any dilution or mixing. Vital Oxide is ready 
to use right away from the container to spray or wipe everything away. 

Benefits and Use Of Vital Oxide 

In order to use the product the right way, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the product has a registration number (this can be verified online) 
  2. Read the directions on the label and check the "use site" to determine where you can use 
  3. it and learn any precautions
  4. Pre-clean the surface by rinsing it with soap and water or if the area is visibly dirty 
  5. Allow the product to sit, spraying the entire area
  6.  Wear disposable gloves after each cleaning and wash your hands afterward

As an agent approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, Vital oxide has no harmful volatile 
organic compounds. The benefits are endless. Today more than ever, employers must arm themselves 
with the knowledge to make the right choice to protect themselves, their staff, and customers. 

Kills Germs, Including Coronavirus 

Vital Oxide is widely effective and approved for use against SARS and COVID-19. This cleaner will be life-saving for the current battle we are facing. It kills 99.99% of bacteria in under a minute.

The solution does not have to be rinsed off either. 

Available for Use on All Surfaces 

Some cleaners are only available for use on certain materials. This can be a drawback because it 
means you must buy other products.

You can use Vital Oxide on both hard and soft surfaces safely. This means you can spray away technological equipment without damaging it.

IIt can be used with an electrostatic spray to take cleaning to a new level of high. Hard-to-reach places 
can easily build up germs, but that will be a thing of the past. 

Works Against Allergens 

Allergies can be a response to anything in the environment such as pet dander, dust, or mold. 
You can use Vital Oxide on surfaces that carry these, such as bedding and lounge locations. 
If animals are in the building, the disinfectant will not harm them the same way it can't harm people. 

May Be Used in HVAC and Air Ducts 

Air conditioning and vents allow ventilation while keeping a cool setting, but it can easily be a breeding ground for germs. Vital Oxide may be used in HVAC systems as an antibacterial while eliminating mold and mildew. This stops the multiplication of germs and ensures amazing air quality. 

Maintaining a Clean Working Environment 

The working environment should be safe for everyone to enter without concern of getting sick or spreading germs. Vital Oxide is an excellent product that offers this. These products may be used with ease.

Larger companies and businesses may not have the time. Hiring the right cleaning service ensures the job is done right. Our company also takes advantage of green cleaning technology while infusing technology in the process. 

Our company can guarantee you will be happy with our service. We are more than willing to visit your facility and complete a review of your space at no obligation. Feel free to contact us for your professional cleaning needs. 



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