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Disinfection Cleaning Services for your Commercal Space


Disinfection Cleaning Services

A clean commercial property also
helps to reflect the values of
the company.

Use these disinfection cleaning services to
make a safe and clean work space.c



In a post-COVID world, commercial disinfection is more critical than ever. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released cleaning and disinfection guidelines. These can help households and businesses stay germ-free.

But overexposure to harsh disinfectants can lead to a wide range of health issues. Skin irritation, respiratory distress, and painful sinuses are all potential symptoms.

Commercial cleaning companies can perform disinfection cleaning services that don't overuse dangerous chemicals.

Disinfection Cleaning Service Types

There are several different types of disinfection cleaning services from which to choose. But the two most popular types of disinfection cleaning services are:

It's important to understand how these services work and how they differ. Doing so can help you choose the right one for your commercial space. Chemical disinfection is often the most familiar route.

Yet, traditional disinfection methods are trailing behind more novel techniques.

Chemical Disinfection

There are thousands of chemical disinfectants available. But they generally use one of the following common disinfectant chemicals. The most popular cleaning solutions and sprays often contain:

  • Alcohol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Ammonia
  • Chlorine
  • Formaldehyde

Each of these chemicals is lethal if consumed. They can also be dangerous they're used incorrectly. Alcohol, for example, is flammable. Using alcohol to clean large spaces is often very difficult and hazardous.

Commercial buildings use a combination of degreasers, sanitizing solutions, and bleach. Unfortunately, these cleaners and disinfectants can pose a risk to health and safety.

Ammonia-based cleaners may leave a residue on surfaces. This can cause the skin to burn or become irritated when touched. Bleach tends to evaporate faster than ammonia. But this allows it to become a threatening breathable vapor.

If you're determined to use chemical cleaners and disinfectants, then take care. Be sure to follow safety guidelines and manufacturer instructions. Doing so can help you to avoid health and safety issues among your employees and staff.

Of course, you can also avoid chemical disinfection by choosing an electrostatic alternative.

Electrostatic Disinfection

Electrostatic disinfection is like traditional cleaning methods. But it features a few unique qualities. Electrostatic sprayers emit a fine mist of chemicals. These chemicals receive a positive electric charge upon leaving the sprayer.

It's dangerous to consume or come into physical contact with this mist while spraying. But the chemicals in an electrostatic disinfection solution leave little residue.

The positively-charged particles of cleaning solution attach themselves to the surrounding negatively-charged area. This makes this method one of the most efficient. Electrostatic disinfection is safe around laptops, computers, and desks.

This form of disinfection uses a small number of chemicals. It is an environmentally-conscious option. Electrostatic cleaning proves popular for 
those with commercial office spaces or industrial lots.

Factors to Consider

Choosing a professional commercial cleaning service requires a certain amount of forethought. It's crucial to consider a service's effectiveness and timeliness. You should also take a moment to check potential dangers.

This awareness can help save your company time and money. It can also ensure that your space is as clean as possible. It's vital to understand how these factors influence the decision-making process.


It is imperative to make sure that your preferred cleaning method is effective. Killing and removing bacterial and pathogenic threats is the primary goal.

You may have perfectly clean flooring and a complete absence of interior dust and debris. But if your space isn't sanitized, it's unhygienic. Industry leaders need to pay attention to their space's health and safety standards. Unhygienic spaces may shut down until they can maintain cleanliness standards.

You should check the efficacy of your cleaning method before agreeing to service. It's also wise to research potential hazards associated with that cleaning method.


As discussed above, chemical disinfectants pose a specific risk to workers. Overexposure to these cleaning chemicals can cause a wide variety of health issues. It's crucial only to use chemicals as instructed.

Employers should store their chemicals in a safe location. They must also check that the labels are correct. This helps workers avoid accidental consumption or misuse. Electrostatic disinfection still requires the use of chemicals. But it spreads them in a fine mist that prevents overexposure.

Limiting dangers is key to enjoying the highest-quality disinfection service. Choosing the electrostatic option is often safer. Still, the best option for you depends on your space and staff.


If time is money, you'll want to save as much time as you can. Traditional chemical-based disinfection services can take hours or days to complete. But electrostatic disinfection is far faster and is also generally more effective.

Depending on your business and space, you may want to opt for a more efficient cleaning service. Having employees and staff become more involved in the cleaning process may help.

Industrial Cleaning Tips

You don't have to be a professional cleaning company to use a few handy cleaning tips. Everyday decisions can make a massive difference.

As with most business-related decisions, the first step is to create a plan of action. Industry leaders with the most hygienic commercial properties tend to:

  • Maximize floor space by utilizing shelving
  • Rotate their inventory often to reduce waste
  • Clean spaces often and follow a cleaning schedule

Hiring a professional service to maintain a cleaning plan can help. A cleaning service ensures that spaces remain safe, healthy, and free of debris. Still, it's essential to inform and enforce employee cleaning habits as well.

Provide Your Commercial Space With a Superior Clean

High-quality disinfection cleaning services often rely on harsh chemicals. But you can use electrostatic alternatives to keep commercial spaces hygienic. Many services have incorporated innovative electrostatic disinfectant technology. This keeps floors, walls, and surfaces germ-free.

You can enjoy the benefits of electrostatic disinfection. Be sure to contact us today for more information about disinfection services!

Electrostatic Disinfection services



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