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Become A Partner, Join us Pacific West Cleaners

Build A Successful Business with Pacific West Cleaners

Whether you're a first-time entrepreneur or an experienced business owner,
Pacific West Cleaners is the perfect choice when it comes to becoming a
Commercial Cleaning Business
Owner/Operator.  Pacific West Cleaners offers
all the benefits of being a small business owner with the support of a larger,
established brand.

Our Owner/Operator Commercial Cleaning Business  is a great opportunity 
because of 

Ability to work for yourself. Build a business you are proud of while
reaping the financial rewards and set your family up for the future.

Thriving Commercial Cleaning Business industry.The Commercial
The Cleaning industry is recession-proof and growing exponentially every day.

Changing behaviors of millennials. As lives and schedules get more
cluttered and hectic, the need for convenient, time-saving services is in
higher demand.

You have a proven business model. Backed with the support of an
established brand, you will be equipped with the tools and training you need
to be successful.

At Pacific West Cleaners, we always welcome new team members who are
positive, enthusiastic, and dependable in getting every job done
well. Every
one of our members is integral to providing our clients with the
best customer service possible.

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Marina Harriss

We have been working with Pacific West Cleaners for a few years now, and the service is excellent. The team of cleaners does a great job and always goes above and beyond to ensure our office space is kept clean and organized. I Would recommend the service to anyone.
Michael Wallen

The team is excellent, they clean areas that you never even look in or at, we had a leaky faucet, and now it is not leaking, they go above and beyond: great work and a great team. I would highly recommend this team. 

Lisa Lofton  

It is simple, our cleaners show up when our
office is closed - keep things clean and tidy,
and respect private/confidential spaces.
They even water our plants and load the dishwasher. I Couldn't ask for more.

 Thank you  Pacific West Cleaners

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